Unlock Your Insider Benefits: A Guide to Maximizing Your Mantric Experience

Unlock Your Insider Benefits: A Guide to Maximizing Your Mantric Experience


By clicking the link in our email, you've successfully activated your InsiderID!

Insider Next Steps: (Insiders with Join Date 7/20/23 or after)

Welcome to Mantric! For your next steps, please check out our new Insider page.

Important Update for Our Insiders

As of July 20, 2023, we made a change to our Insider program. For our beloved Insiders joining us on or after this date, please note that we will no longer be providing the Insider Welcome Kit as part of your membership.

This change allows us to focus more on enhancing the personalized skincare offerings and experiences that you've come to love from Mantric.

For more detailed information on this update and how it impacts your Insider journey, please click here. We remain dedicated to ensuring your Mantric experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. - Team Mantric

Insider Next Steps: (Insiders with Join Date 7/20/23 or before)

    For Insiders who have received the "All Clear" message from us,

    Your Insider Welcome Kit will be sent to you shortly. Keep an eye on your inbox for this exciting update!

      If you've already received your Insider Welcome Kit,

      Your InsiderID should reflect the same as what's included in the Kit and on your personalized Mantric Moment sample. If your InsiderID doesn't match what's on your sample, please discard the sample and contact us.

        If you're still on the waitlist to receive your free Insider Welcome Kit,

        We want to assure you that our team is working diligently to move through the list as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you'd like to go ahead and order your Mantric Moment sample now, we have enabled that option for you. Be sure to use your InsiderID to save on delivery.

          Learn more about the Insider Waitlist here.

          Your InsiderID is your key to accessing a world of exclusive benefits, personalized recommendations, and exciting insider perks. We're delighted to have you as part of our Mantric community, and we're here to guide you through the next steps of your journey.

          Step 1: Log in to Your Insider Account

          To get started, please log in to your Insider Account at my.mantricskin.com. Simply enter your email address and the 2FA code we sent to your registered email. This secure login process ensures that your InsiderID remains confidential and can only be used by you.

          Step 2: Apply Your InsiderID during Checkout

          Once you've logged in, you'll notice that your unique InsiderID should automatically be applied during the checkout process. If, for any reason, it doesn't appear, don't worry! Simply copy your InsiderID from the email we sent and manually enter it into the provided code box during checkout. This will ensure that your exclusive benefits, including free economy shipping on all Kits, are applied to your purchase.

          Step 3: Utilize Your Insider Welcome Kit Code

          As of 7/20/2023 we no longer offer Insider Welcome Kits to new members. Learn more.

          As an Insider, you're entitled to receive a complimentary Insider Welcome Kit (IWK). To claim your free kit, you'll need the Insider Welcome Kit code, which will be provided to you after receiving the "All Clear" message.

          This unique code will credit the price of the IWK, making it completely free when combined with your InsiderID. If you prefer to skip the line and receive your kit immediately, you have the option to purchase it directly.

          Step 4: Share Your Story and Inspire Others

          At Mantric, we believe in the power of personal stories. We invite you to share your skincare journey, experiences, and transformation with us for a chance to be featured in our Journal. By sharing your story, you can inspire and empower others on their own skincare journeys.

          Congratulations once again on activating your InsiderID and accessing the full range of Insider benefits. We're committed to providing you with exceptional products and a personalized experience that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

          Stay tuned for more exciting updates, exclusive offers, and skincare insights tailored just for you.

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