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Mantric Moments: A New Chapter in Your Skin's Story

Your Moment

Discover a New Chapter with Mantric Moments.

Begin your story of transformation where Love Starts With Skin. Experience the defining Moments that solve real skin challenges, all without the weight of a significant commitment.

Our travel-friendly minis replicate our scientifically-formulated, full-sized products, providing an affordable and convenient way for you to experience the transformative power of Mantric. Because in every Moment lies the value of a lifetime, and with Mantric, your new chapter awaits.

Problems Solved by Mantric Moments:

  1. Commitment Concerns: Dip your toes without the full plunge. Experience the efficacy of Mantric without the long-term commitment.
  2. Travel Troubles: Jet-setters, rejoice! Our compact sizes mean your skincare routine never takes a vacation.
  3. Budget Boundaries: Elevate your skincare without straining your wallet. Premium care is now accessible to every budget.
  4. Sample Skepticism: Bypass the disappointment of tiny, one-use samples. Mantric Moments offers multiple applications to truly test and love our formula.
  5. Cluttered Countertops: Simplify your space with our multipurpose solutions, eliminating the need for countless bottles.
  6. Skincare Starters: Perfect for skincare newbies looking for an introduction. Understand what your skin loves before diving into the full-sized dedication.
  7. Gifting Guesswork: The ideal present for the skincare enthusiast in your life. It's thoughtful, luxurious, and universally appealing.
  8. Routine Rut: Feeling stuck in your current regimen? Refresh and revitalize with a new Mantric Moment.

Each Moment with Mantric is a solution to a common skincare woe. Value isn't just in the product—it's in the transformation, the convenience, and the experience. Discover the difference today.

Dive Into Our Core Formula. Tap Add To Cart.

Powered by our Core Formula of Camellia sinensis, charcoal, and eucalyptus, each Mantric Moment is a pledge to healthier, glowing skin for less than the cost of a daily coffee. It's more than a product introduction; it's a passport to a lifestyle where love truly begins with the skin.

Our concentrated formulas mean that a single Mantric Moment (0.17oz) lasts approximately 7 days with daily use, offering a week of elite skincare and an invitation to take control of your skin's story.

The Choice is Yours. Which Moment Will You Seize?

Clean Slate Cleanser Moment (Step 1 / Purify):

Dive into a refreshing cleanse that removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling revitalized and balanced. Discover the magic of our Clean Slate Cleanser in a travel-friendly avatar.

Renewal Exfoliating Scrub Moment (Step 2 / Revitalize):

Uncover your skin's glowing potential with our Renewal Exfoliating Scrub. Gentle sugar-based exfoliation sweeps away dullness, unveiling a smoother, more luminous complexion.

Soothe + Cool Aftershave Mist Moment (Step 2 / Revitalize):

Indulge in the calming and invigorating sensation of our Soothe + Cool Aftershave (Calming) Mist. Specially formulated to rejuvenate and invigorate your skin post-shave, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day.

Feeling Lost in Skincare? Let Mantric Be Your Guide.

Entering the world of skincare can be daunting, but with Mantric, it doesn't have to be. Your journey towards radiant skin starts with the Clean Slate Cleanser Moment. Crafted with both skincare novices and connoisseurs in mind, this essential product refreshes, purifies, and prepares your skin for what lies ahead.

We've meticulously crafted our exclusive PRP care and treatment plan to cater to all skin types and routines. Your moment is here to forge a new path, lay the foundation for glowing skin, and embrace a moment of self-love with Mantric. The Clean Slate Cleanser is your springboard into the realm of radiant skin.

Remember, caring for your skin isn't vain, it's Mantric.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jerry G.

72 and tried the clean slate cleanser moment. I think it's looking GREAT!

Henry R

The moment work better than normal bottles for me because I’m always on the road. I like how the aftershave mist feels on my skin after shaving and clean slate doesn’t dry out my face. Well done.

Jonathan C

Good lather while using a small amount. I enjoyed the face wash

Kaitlin Myers

So helpful on my vacation to Spain! I had more than enough cleanser for the week I was there!

Zachary J

I ordered the aftershave mist and it worked good to reduce the inflammation on my skin after i shaved. I'll try this for a few more days but will probably get the full sized version after. Thank you for answering all my questions.