Discover Your Path to Radiant Skin with Mantric

Discover Your Path to Radiant Skin with Mantric

Starting a skincare routine can feel like navigating uncharted territory.

With a plethora of products promising a world of benefits, knowing where to start can be daunting. But fear not, because here at Mantric, we're all about simplifying the skincare journey while ensuring that it is uniquely yours.

First, let's talk about the importance of starting with a clean slate. We cannot emphasize enough the significance of a good cleanser, and our Clean Slate Cleanser is a cut above the rest. A gentle, yet effective cleanser, it washes away the day's grime, excess oil, and impurities without robbing your skin of its natural moisture. This is your first step towards a balanced, radiant complexion.

Learn more about starting with a Clean Slate Cleanser Moment:


For those looking for a simple, straightforward routine, our mEssentials Kit is an excellent place to start.
  • Featuring our best-selling Clean Slate Cleanser and Renewal Exfoliating Scrub, this dynamic duo offers a basic yet complete skincare experience.
  • The Renewal Exfoliating Scrub, recommended for use twice a week, sweeps away dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion.
  • Together, these products form a powerful foundation for any skincare routine. With a 20% savings for our Insider X members, it's also budget-friendly.

For those ready to level up their skincare, our mCore routine offers an expanded regimen featuring the Clean Slate Cleanser, our calming Serenity Infusion Toner, and the upcoming SkinFindr personalized moisturizer. The toner refines and soothes the skin, preparing it for the targeted nourishment delivered by the SkinFindr moisturizer. Customized based on your unique skin type, SkinFindr offers personalized care like no other.

Finally, for those who seek a comprehensive routine, we are excited to introduce our upcoming mTrio kit. Featuring our Clean Slate Cleanser, Renewal Exfoliating Scrub, and your personalized SkinFindr moisturizer, this package is the epitome of bespoke skincare. The mTrio kit, tailored to your skin's specific needs, offers the most comprehensive skincare experience that Mantric has to offer.

At Mantric, we believe in personalizing skincare to the minutest detail, and that's where our Insider program comes into play.

By becoming an Insider, you gain access to a tailored skincare regimen crafted to align perfectly with your individual needs. Your Insider Profile allows us to understand your unique skin type, specific concerns, any allergies, and even your budget. Based on this information, we hand-pick and suggest products that are destined to work in synergy with your skin. Join the Insider program today, and embark on a truly personalized skincare journey, because at Mantric, we believe that your skincare should be as unique as you are.

We're here to empower you to take control of your skin's story, with products that are as unique as you are. With Mantric, skincare is never a chore. It's an act of self-love, a daily ritual that nourishes both skin and soul. Remember, it's not vain, it's Mantric.

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