10 Surprising Facts About Your Skin: Mantric Moments Reveal the Science of Skincare

10 Surprising Facts About Your Skin: Mantric Moments Reveal the Science of Skincare

Did you know your skin is the largest organ you possess?

It's not just a layer of cells, but a complex organ system playing a key role in protecting your body, regulating temperature, and facilitating a sense of touch.

Every day, it experiences countless interactions with the environment, absorbing its surroundings while also protecting you from them. When it comes to skincare, love truly starts with the skin.

Mantric Skincare Love Starts With Skin

At Mantric, we understand the significance of skin health and bring you a line of skincare products designed with science and effectiveness in mind.

Here are ten surprising facts about your skin, providing you with the knowledge to better understand your skin's needs.

Along the way, you'll discover how Mantric and Mantric Moments can help you start to achieve optimal skin health.

  1. Your Skin Sheds Daily

    Every minute, you shed about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of your skin^[1^]. Over time, without proper exfoliation, these dead skin cells can clog pores and result in dull-looking skin. Mantric Moments offers mini versions of our scientifically-formulated products, like our refreshing cleanser and exfoliator, to keep your skin's renewal process healthy.

    1. Skin Varies in Thickness

    The thickness of your skin varies across different parts of your body. The thinnest skin is found on your eyelids (0.02mm) and the thickest on your feet (1.4mm)^[2^]. Mantric's range of products is designed to cater to the different skin needs across your body, ensuring comprehensive skin care.

    1. Skin Color Is Determined by More Than Just Melanin

    While melanin is a major factor influencing your skin color, other components like carotene and hemoglobin also play a part^[3^]. Our products are formulated to work harmoniously with the natural components of your skin, ensuring everyone can find their perfect skincare match.

    1. Your Skin Is Home to Billions of Microbes

    Your skin is an ecosystem, hosting approximately 1,000 species of bacteria, known as the skin microbiome^[4^]. These microbes can significantly affect your skin health. Mantric's product line respects this delicate balance, using ingredients that support rather than disrupt your skin’s microbiome.

    1. Your Skin is Incredibly Elastic

    The elasticity of your skin allows it to endure stretching and then revert to its original shape. This elasticity diminishes with age, but using scientifically-formulated skincare products can help maintain it^[5^]. Our Mantric Moments line includes potent serums and moisturizers to support your skin's elasticity.

    1. Skin Plays a Key Role in Vitamin D Production

    When exposed to sunlight, your skin synthesizes Vitamin D, vital for bone health and overall wellbeing^[6^]. However, too much sun exposure can harm your skin. Balance is key, and Mantric’s sun protection products offer a solution, defending your skin while allowing it to perform its crucial functions.

    1. Your Skin Reflects Your Overall Health

    Issues like stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can manifest in your skin as acne, rashes, or a dull complexion. Loving your skin starts from within, and Mantric advocates for a holistic approach to skincare, where a healthy lifestyle complements your skincare regimen.

    1. Hydration Is Crucial for Your Skin

    Dehydrated skin can appear flaky, itchy, and more prone to wrinkles. Our hydrating Mantric Moments like moisturizers and cleansers are designed to help maintain your skin’s optimal hydration levels.

    1. Your Skin's pH Level Matters

    A balanced skin pH is vital for healthy skin. Many skincare products can disrupt this balance, leading to problems like dryness and acne^[7^]. Mantric’s products are carefully formulated to respect and maintain your skin's pH balance.

    1. Skin Absorbs What You Put On It

    Your skin can absorb substances applied to it, which can then enter your bloodstream. This is why at Mantric, we are dedicated to using safe, scientifically-backed ingredients in our formulations, promoting skin health without compromising overall wellness.

    Mantric prides itself on understanding the complexities of skin. Our philosophy, "love starts with skin", underscores our dedication to fostering skin health through scientifically-backed products. Our Mantric Moments offers a unique opportunity to explore our range, empowering you to discover the difference targeted, science-driven skincare can make.

    Remember, caring for your skin goes beyond superficial aesthetics; it's about nurturing the organ that does so much for you.

    Let the love start with your skin - your first line of defense, your cloak of sensitivity, and a significant part of who you are.


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