Celebrate Your Skin in the Evergreen State: Mantric's Washington Insiders

Celebrate Your Skin in the Evergreen State: Mantric's Washington Insiders

We're here to talk about an exciting segment of our ever-growing community of Insiders—those hailing from the captivating state of Washington.

You might wonder why focus on Washington? Well, 4% of our Insiders are from this beautiful region, and their skincare journey is as unique and diverse as the Evergreen State itself.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is home to diverse biomes—from the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula to the high-desert areas in the east. Similarly, our Washington Insiders bring a myriad of skincare stories that contribute to the enriched tapestry of the Mantric community.

Our Insider program is designed to address individual skin stories and personalize their skincare experience. A critical component of this is our Mantric Moment—a carefully curated product range that kick-starts your journey towards radiant skin.

Mantric Moments, starting at just $7, are tailor-made to begin your skincare routine with utmost ease and efficacy. From our exclusive Clean Slate Cleanser to nourishing moisturizers, we've ensured that there's a product for every skin type and concern.

Now, let's delve a bit into the heart of Washington and see how its unique elements relate to our Insider community.

Did you know that Washington is the only state named after a president?
Just as George Washington set a benchmark in history, our Washington Insiders are trendsetters in their own right. They're exploring new skincare horizons, and their skincare journey often inspires others in our community.

Much like the breathtaking Mount Rainier that towers over Washington, our Insiders' determination to nurture their skin's health stands tall. They are committed to their routines, and it's their persistence that often brings out the best results.

The Insider program is not just about receiving personalized skincare recommendations, but also about being part of a community that uplifts and supports one another. Just like Washington's varied landscapes, our Insiders come with different skin types, routines, and stories. This diversity forms the heart of our program, where we learn, grow, and celebrate each other's journey.

Being an Insider is also about accessing exclusive benefits—free economy shipping on all Kits, surveys with special offers, potential influencer opportunities, and more. As we continue to expand, stay tuned for even more exciting benefits that will further enrich your skincare journey.

Washington is known for its apples—the best in the country, some would argue.
At Mantric, we believe in providing the best for our Insiders. Our products are designed with a blend of science and nature, providing your skin the nourishment it deserves.

The skincare journey is ongoing, and the roads are as varied as the scenic byways of Washington. Through the Insider program and Mantric Moments, we hope to provide you a starting point, a beacon guiding you towards skin that feels good and tells your unique story.

Just as Washington is a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest, our Washington Insiders are integral to our community. We are inspired by their commitment to skincare, their radiance, and the stories they share.

If you're ready to begin your skincare journey or want to enhance it, consider joining our Insider program. Embrace your unique skin story and let us walk with you on this journey towards radiance. Remember, Love starts with skin, and it's time to celebrate yours.

Thank you, Washington, for being part of our story. And to everyone else, we're excited to write the next chapter with you. Are you ready to start your Mantric Moment?

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