Ohio Spotlight: Decoding the Skincare Woes of the Buckeye State

Ohio Spotlight: Decoding the Skincare Woes of the Buckeye State

Ohio, known for its bustling cities, sprawling farmlands, and rich history, also holds a special place in the heart of Mantric.

A significant 9% of our Insider community hails from this diverse state, and their skincare concerns mirror the varied landscape. But every skin story deserves a happy ending, and at Mantric, we're dedicated to ensuring that Love Starts With Your Skin.

Ohio's Top Skincare Concerns:

Wrinkles: Perhaps attributed to the state's cold winters or the occasional stress from cheering on their beloved sports teams, wrinkles remain a top concern.

Swelling: The state's humid summers can often lead to skin swelling, especially for those living around the Great Lakes.

Itchiness: Dry, itchy skin, often aggravated by Ohio's fluctuating weather patterns, is another common issue among our Ohio Insiders.

For our dedicated Ohio Insiders, the ingredients in our mKits provide a specialized solution:

For Wrinkles: Our signature PRP system, featuring our exclusive SkinFindr Moisturizer, offers the rejuvenating benefits of Camellia Sinensis, known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, ensuring skin remains youthful and radiant1.

For Swelling: The activated charcoal present in our Clean Slate Cleanser acts as a potent agent to soothe and reduce skin swelling, detoxifying skin from the daily rigors of life2.

For Itchiness: With a majority having dry skin, the deeply hydrating ingredients like Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera in our products help combat dryness and the resulting itchiness, letting you Take Control of Your Skin's Story.

A Glimpse into Ohio: Skincare Fun Facts:

Local Treasure: The Buckeye tree, Ohio's state tree, produces nuts that have been traditionally used in herbal remedies to soothe minor skin irritations3.

Statewide Hydration: Lake Erie, one of Ohio's key landmarks, has an indirect effect on the state's humidity. With increased humidity, skincare that promotes balanced hydration is crucial.

Buckeye Beauty: Ohio is home to several natural springs and mud spas, long celebrated for their skin-revitalizing properties.

In the expansive realm of skincare, understanding the specific needs of our diverse community is paramount. Whether you're strolling through the vibrant streets of Columbus or exploring the serene corners of Cuyahoga Valley, remember, It's Not Vain, It's Mantric.

To our Ohio Insiders, and to all who seek to rewrite their skin stories, we are here to guide, support, and celebrate every chapter.

---------------------- xoxo Mantric

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